UV Germicidal Lamp

  • Amalgam Lamps Ultraviolet Germicidal Light

    Amalgam Lamps Ultraviolet Germicidal Light

    Lightbest provides high-quality low pressure amalgam lamps with good material and advanced process, including pellet amalgam and spot amalgam, from 30W up to 800W, which is one of leading technology in China and world. Amalgam lamps can be used horizontally and vertically. Special Coating-tech helps amalgam lamps last up to 16,000h, and maintain high UV output up to 85%.

  • Preheat start germicidal lamps

    Preheat start germicidal lamps

    Lightbest manufacture UV germicidal lamps with two types of high-quality fused quartz, including doped fused quartz type and clear fused quartz, which emit different wavelength of UV energy.

  • Compact Germicidal Lamps PL(H) Shape

    Compact Germicidal Lamps PL(H) Shape

    Compact germicidal lamps are an ideal choice for the applications that require more intense UV radiation in a limited space.
    Moreover, the tube end is far from discharge area, so the tube wall temperature is relatively lower, thereby ensuring uniform UV output.
    Lightbest is available to provide Amalgam compact germicidal lamps.
    Lightbest PL germicidal lamps can be made with various kinds of lamp bases,such as 2-pin PL/ H type lamps (base G23, GX23) and 4-pin PL/ H type lamps (base 2G7, 2G11, G32q and G10q). These lamp bases are usually made of plastic, but 2G11 and G10q could be fabricated from ceramic as well.
    Please noted that there are 120V AC and 230V AC input for 2-pin PL/ H type lamps.

  • High Output(HO) Germicidal Lamps

    High Output(HO) Germicidal Lamps

    These lamps are similar in size and shape as conventional germicidal lamps but are capable of operating at higher input power and current, and produce up to 2/3 more UV output energy compared to standard output lamps.As a result, the sterilization efficiency will be enhanced greatly without employing more lamps.

  • Self-Ballast Germicidal Bulbs

    Self-Ballast Germicidal Bulbs

    This self-ballast germicidal bulb can be operated under 110V/220V AC input power with a capacitor, or 12V DC with an inverter. Lightbest provide ozone-free and ozone generating types.

  • Cold Cathode Germicidal Lamps

    Cold Cathode Germicidal Lamps

    Cold cathode germicidal lamps are designed with small structure, long life and low lamp power, they emit 254nm (ozone free), or 254nm and 185nm (ozone generating) to kill microorganisms, only operating for several minutes, so they are extensively used in sterilizers for toothbrush, make-up brush, mite predator, vehicle disinfection devices, vacuum cleaners etc.. There are two types used commonly, Linear germicidal lamps (GCL) and U-shaped germicidal lamps (GCU).

  • UVB F6T5 lamp with full spectrum and UV spectrum help produce vitamin D3 and promotes calcium absorption in reptiles
  • 3KW medium pressure UV lamp with lamp power 3KW for municipal water supply systems